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Platsize Win, PS4, Xbox One
quảng cáo online N/A
Developer CD Projekt Red
Release Date May 19, 2015

The Witcher 3 makes what should have sầu been a terrifying risk look lượt thích the most natural evolution in the world.

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The Witcher & its sequel established a fascinating fantasy world full of politics, intrigue, magic & monsters, and rooted it all in Geralt of Rivia, one of the last of the infamous Witchers — bounty hunters created through a potentially fatal series of trials and alchemical mutations, for hire by anyone with coin to destroy monsters. The Witcher 2 placed this within an action adventure context largely linear in structure, albeit with major plot changes & entirely different second halves based on player decisions made early on.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt takes the setting & complicated world-building of its predecessor và blows them out with an ambitious but logical next-step: an open-world game. For a studio without the AAA resources of a Bethesda or EA, transitioning from a more conservative linear structure to lớn an undertaking so massive sầu demonstrates a màn chơi of confidence bordering on insanity.

But CD Projekt Red has pulled it off, và in fact, has built a game that succeeds largely based on how well their previous Witcher work & concepts of player choice translate in an open-world setting, even as The Witcher 3 makes steps baông xã elsewhere.


The Witcher 3"s expanded cast of characters doesn"t preclude more screen time for just about everyone, & CD Projekt has done work lớn make for more interesting, influential women that feel just a bit more fleshed out than they"ve been previously. This includes a number of powerful women with complicated motivations và goals of their own.

That said, the world CD Projekt has created is oppressively misogynist. In some ways, the game deals directly with this — characters acknowledge again and again that it"s hard lớn be a woman there, that it"s a place of violence and terror và that women must work harder khổng lồ be recognized and respected.

Then it kills them, over và over. There are several quái dị types devoted khổng lồ murdered và wronged women whom Geralt is frequently asked lớn destroy, & other villainous characters are shown torturing or even butchering women to lớn show just how evil they are. One sequence seemed specifically designed lớn see how long I could listen khổng lồ a major female character have her fingernails pulled out before I ended the conversation to lớn attaông xã the individual in question. A later scene shows a villain literally surrounded by the bodies of murdered prostitutes.

a male character criticizing a woman for going inkhổng lồ battle with her shirt hanging open is the "snake eating its own tail" of Clip game sexism

In another, a character who admitted khổng lồ beating his wife so badly she miscarried is given an opportunity lớn explain why she had it coming, complete with a sympathetic conversation response option to lớn go with it. The performances all around in this scene are excellent, the presentation aước ao the best, most reined in anywhere in the game, but the message I saw it conveying was abhorrent.

I get that the setting of The Witcher 3 is meant to be a dark, dirty fantasy. But in a world that so explicitly goes out of its way to lớn build a believable, distinctive sầu take on the genre, the inclusion of so much violence explicitly directed against women feels like a clear, disconcerting choice. It"s not just present, it"s frequently a focus.

When they"re not being murdered, women in The Witcher 3 are comically sexualized. Nudity is everywhere — think trò chơi of Thrones on HBO — và even when they"re dressed, female leads don"t have sầu it much better. One character, the subject of an extended series of side quests and whom plays a fairly important role in advancing the story wears a dress with a neckline so wide I was pretty sure I was seeing an areola every time she turned lớn the side (no, seriously).

Other moments are truly worthy of eye-rolling — as when one male character criticizes a woman for going inkhổng lồ battle with her shirt hanging open, which is really the snake eating its own tail of đoạn phim game sexism in a game where a significant portion of its speaking female characters are similarly and impractically exposed. Even Ciri, a daughter figure for Geralt và someone revealed to be incredibly powerful in her own right, walks around with her shirt unbuttoned in the middle, with a pretty clear view of a bra underneath — even when her attire changes khổng lồ feature a fur-lined collar in colder climates.

Also, while I did not by any means see every đô thị, burg và outpost in The Witcher 3"s world in my 70+ hours spent within it, I don"t reGọi a single non-white humanoid anywhere — not in Skellige, Novograd, Oxenfurt or anywhere else. Once I realized this I couldn"t stop looking for any example of a person of color anywhere, and I never found it, unless you count naked Boss women sitting at the feet of a boss like a slightly more awkward tribute to lớn a Frank Frazetta painting. But maybe they"re in there, somewhere.

Wrap Up: The Witcher 3 is a great game — with some major qualifications

The Witcher 3"s subject matter, its almost defiant doubling down on its treatment of women as titillating props for Geralternative text and the player, even as it tries lớn flesh out more female leads, is its most disappointing aspect. This constant presence weighs down what would otherwise be an excellent bit of closure for Geralt"s video clip game saga — which isn"t helped by the control issues that often detract from sequences meant to break up open-world monotony.

The result is still a game that often feels lượt thích a stunningly confident, competent shot across the bow of the open world genre, folding in an incredibly strong narrative sầu and a good sense of consequence to the decisions that present themselves throughout, presenting a fun bit of combat creativity inlớn a genre that desperately needs it. With that going for it, The Witcher 3 is a great game though it isn"t a classic — & it can carry a somewhat qualified recommendation.

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Ed"s Note: Our Đánh Giá of The Witcher 3 is based on non-final PS4 code provided by CD Projekt Red. In our time with the game, we saw significant technical issues, including hard crashes, endless load screens, major framerate drops both at random and during more crowded fight scenes, and failures by the game lớn trigger even scripts which would halt forward progress within a quest until the game was reloaded, or, on occasion, the console restarted entirely.

CD Projekt"s Reviews documentation stated that there were a number of bugs on their danh sách to lớn be addressed in time for the retail release of the game, but at this time, we cannot speak confidently as lớn the release state of The Witcher 3 in this reviews. As such, this score will remain provisional until we have sầu a clearer understanding of the game"s reliability at launch.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was reviewed using pre-release debug code for PlayStation 4 provided by CD Projekt Red. You can find additional information about"s ethics policy here.