Buying a PC monitor involves a lot of jargon that you have to cut through before making your purchase. You"ve specs lượt thích response time and refresh rate to consider, color gamut, contrast ratio, & even the type of panel. When it comes to panel tech, two popular terms you"ll see are TN và IPS.

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Both are different types of monitor for different types of buyer. But which should you get?


TN stands for Twisted Nematic và these are the most commonly used panels in PC monitors. Two of the biggest benefits of TN panels are lightning fast response times and a low cost.

Many gaming monitors, particularly those used in a competitive environment, will still be TN-based because the can achieve sầu a 1ms response time that"s currently unreachable for IPS công nghệ.

What you need to know about PC monitor response times

It also costs less for a TN monitor compared khổng lồ an IPS. The viewing angles and colors aren"t as good, but if you"re sitting straight on and don"t depkết thúc on color accuracy, the cheaper asking price might be a worthy trade-off. You can still go all the way up lớn 4K resolution, and the lathử nghiệm và greademo panels have sầu a ridiculously fast refresh rate up lớn 240Hz. IPS monitors aren"t that fast yet.

What you need lớn know about monitor refresh rates

The case for an IPS monitor


IPS stands for In Plane Switching và it"s the type of display công nghệ that you"ll see most commonly on your smartphone.

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A quiông xã summary:

IPS is typically more expensive sầu, but produces much higher display chất lượng, with better colors và much better viewing angles.

The viewing angles, in particular, are one of the top reasons you wouldn"t want a TN panel on your phone. IPS displays just generally look better over all. So if you"re anytoàn thân working in any sort of visual media or just want your home photos & videos to really pop, then you"ll definitely benefit from the richer colors.

There are high-unique IPS monitors available aimed at gamers, too, but generally speaking the response times are lower on IPS displays than on TN. On an IPS monitor typically you"ll be looking at 4ms and above sầu, though you can still get both high resolution và G-Sync or FreeSync, along with fast refresh rates.

IPS monitors are also usually more expensive sầu than their TN counterparts, but the value proposition is still fairly high when you compare the technical benefits against the increased cost.

Which should you get?


It boils down lớn two main points: Your primary use and your budget. If you"re a bạn or someone on a tight budget, then a TN monitor will likely be your best bet. They"re easily the cheapest and offer both the lowest response time and highest refresh rates.

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IPS monitors may well be more expensive sầu but the quality is higher và the colors are much better, as are viewing angles. This is important to lớn consider if you"re ever looking at your monitor anything other than dead straight on. They"re the best all-round choice, especially for creatives, và refresh rates are getting higher.

Helping you choose


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