Leonarbởi vì DiCaprio And Tobey Maguire: Little Known Facts About Their Friendship Both of them were raised by their single mothers in Los Angeles & both got inkhổng lồ acting when they were 12.

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Leo & Toby posse
There are many celebrities who have incredible friendships that last for a long time. Whether the friendships started before they became famous or after, it is always great to see two celebs enjoying each other"s company. Leonarvị DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire are celebs BFFs who are iconic as a duo. Leo is a private person, but we appreciate it when he is seen with his friends or his lovely girlfriover, Camila Morrone.

Tobey"s career isn"t at hot as it once was, but he may have more opportunities in the future. The fact that he and Leo have similar backgrounds và a long-lasting friendship means that they are always linked together. Their friendship is famous, just lượt thích their acting & philanthropy.

Here are some little-known facts about Leonarvị DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire"s friendship.

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To show you how cđại bại Leo & Tobey are, they have sầu been friends with each other for over 30 years. In light of how much they have in common, these two are just the perfect definition of two peas in a pod. Can you name another duo who have been friends for most of their lives?

11 Both Have Similar Backgrounds

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Leo và Tobey came from similar backgrounds. Both of them were raised by their single mothers in Los Angeles and both got into acting when they were 12.

Considering that these two were in similar living situations, we aren"t surprised at all that they became friends. We are honestly glad, as they have sầu one of the best friendships in Hollywood.

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It has not been discussed much, but Tobey và Leo are huge fans of anime, also known as Japanese animation. Leo wants to lớn adapt the 1988 film, Akira, as a live-action film, and Tobey is a possible producer of a live-action remake of Robotech. Both projects are not set in stone, but with Leo và Tobey"s dedication và appreciation for anime, they might turn into faithful adaptations on the big screen.

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9 Joined A Posse

Leonarvì DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire with their old posse via: popcrush.com
In their younger years, Leo và Tobey were just lượt thích any other rebellious guys. They were associated with a group known as the P*ssy Posse, which formed in the late 90s, immediately after Leo starred in the juggernaut film, Titanic.

There were many others in the group, including Josh Miller, Jay Ferguson, Ethan Suplee, và Kevin Connolly, who later appeared in the show, Entourage. The gang partied hard và enjoyed adult shows whenever possible. The posse eventually disbanded due to lớn being reckless around other people, but they still remain friends to lớn this day.

Whether it has to lớn vị with film projects, personal issues, or anything else, Leo and Tobey rely on each other for advice. Sometimes, they disagree about topics or ideas for projects, but that"s how friendships work every now và then. They"ve sầu been talking for three decades.

7 Starred In A Very Rare Film

While the posse that Leo and Tobey were part of did get wild và rebellious, it eventually brought them (& others) together lớn make a low-budget movie. Titled Don"s Plum, it was never got an official release in North America.

Instead, it was released at the Berlin International Film Festival, and in Denmark in 2001. However, thanks khổng lồ the power of the Internet, the full movie can be seen on YouTube, rather than being "lost media".

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As Leo got older, he went from a buổi tiệc nhỏ animal lớn a renowned environmentadanh sách. He would host galas, hoping khổng lồ raise awareness about damaged ecosystems and environments. He also worked to protect wildlife. While Tobey is not on Leo"s cấp độ in terms of activism, he is there as a guest at many of Leo"s events. When they aren"t helping, they lượt thích to hang out on yachts.

5 Only Worked On Three Films Together

Despite being the best of friends for over 30 years, they have sầu only worked on a total of three films together throughout their careers. The first one they did is called This Boy"s Life, which was based on a memoir written by Tobias Wolff.

As previously mentioned, they worked on a rare film with their posse, Don"s Plum. Their recent, và most iconic, work together is 2013"s The Great Gatsby. There are currently no plans for them khổng lồ collaborate on another film together, but you never know.

If there is one thing that Tobey managed lớn vày before Leo, it is khổng lồ get married and have children of his own. Leo technically has an adopted daughter, but aside from that, he has no biological children. However, Leo has the wonderful opportunity to be an unofficial uncle to Tobey"s son & daughter. Leo is adorable around kids.

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3 Not Only Buddies But Also Neighbors

Their friendship doesn"t stop with enduring for most of their lives. When they were younger, Leo and Tobey used to live sầu next door lớn each other, around The Bird Streets in L.A. as reported by Sheltr Group.

The actors revealed this while working on The Great Gatsby. They were so cchiến bại that it would take about 30 seconds khổng lồ get from one home page to lớn the other. To live sầu by your closest frikết thúc is definitely friendship goals.

Friendships can be ruined when two or more people get competitive sầu at a game or at scoring a date with the same person. Thankfully, in Leo & Tobey"s case, they never let Hollywood competition interfere with their bond.

Leo is definitely more successful in landing roles than Tobey and always has been. Leo"s gotten parts that Tobey tried to get, such as the leading part in This Boy"s Life. Even if one is more successful than the other, they value their friendship.

1 Their First Interaction

How did the longtime friendship between Leo & Tobey start? It was Leo who encountered và recognized Tobey while filming a TV show. According to Esquire, Leo told his mother to lớn stop the car...& he actually jumped out of the vehicle. He shouted, "Tobey!" a couple of times. It began there.

Tobey also told Esquire about this fateful encounter. While Leo was very enthusiastic about seeing hyên ổn, Tobey had a different reaction, saying, "Oh, yeah — I know you. You"re... that guy." He did make hyên his frikết thúc and the rest is history.

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