There’s been a recent flurry of updates to lớn the Total War: Warhammer 2 Steam database entry, & players are speculating what could be coming in the final Lords paông chồng. We know that the popular Warhammer game is getting one final DLC packbefore the team focuses on the recently announced Warhammer III. Plenty want a Beastmen rework, but plenty more just want to lớn poke fun at the whole idea.

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For context, it’s possible to lớn trachồng deploys & tweaks to individual Steam AppIDs via the SteamDB website. Depending on the game in question, one could – up khổng lồ a point – glean some information.

For example, a recent change lớn Total War: Three Kingdoms saw a new DLC ứng dụng ID added with the codename ‘Rosemary’, causing much speculation regarding what the new DLC could be. Previous comments from Creative sầu Assembly have sầu hinted at a Northern Tribes expansion và a new start date after the death of Cao Cao, but so far nothing’s been confirmed.It is believed that the controversial warlord died of some kind of brain tumour, as he often suffered from headaches & dizziness. Rosemary was often used intraditionalChinese medicine as a remedy for such ills.

The current speculation for Warhammer 2 revolves around a recent update lớn the branch titled ‘Gamesworkshop’, as well as several updates since. User ZahelMighty speculated on Reddit that this could mean we hear something in a couple of weeks, as historically updates to lớn this specific branch have been followed by news announcements of some kind. Meanwhile, the r/totalwar subreddit is awash with Beastmen dunks.

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If Beastmen aren’t in the next lord pack; the ENTIRE beastman fanbase will be up in arms!! from totalwar

You may rethành viên earlier in the month we talked about a community poll that revealed not many people clayên ổn lớn actually play the Beastman, with nearly two-thirds of all respondents (over 9,000 at the time of writing) stating they never take the faction out for a spin. Chaos Warriors và the Norsca were the next two neglected races, though the gap between firstvà second place was quite big.

One reason for this is because the Beastman haven’t had anysignificant nội dung updates since their original introduction to Total War: Warhammer bachồng in năm nhâm thìn. This is also the reason why many are calling for the neglected man beasts lớn get some love sầu before Total Warhammer III dominates the show. It may be their last chance.

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Reserve now:Total War: Warhammer III is available for pre-order

In the meantime, here’s everything we know about Total War: Warhammer III so far. You can also kiểm tra out our guide lớn the confirmed Warhammer 3 races. If you’re still rocking Warhammer 2, there are some excellent mods you should check out.

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Published: Feb 24, 2021

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