every time i try joining a public game i keep getting this error. private & friends only games work fine. i scored around 1200 on the online benchmark, dont know if that matters or not. i tried restarting my router và that didnt help either. please help

My friover & I are having the same issue with any game at all, can’t join public or our own private games.

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The error I get is that the lobby doesn’t exist.It’s almost lượt thích it adds me khổng lồ the lobby, changing the number of players from 5 to lớn 6.Therefore the game is full and removed from the lobby menu.And now it tries lớn ‘join’ me in the lobby, which isn’t in the danh mục any more.

Same problem here. I bough it on Steam few days ago with 2 friends & i’m the only one who can’t join AND see any lobby.

I tried another PC but same result, then since i’ve the XGP, i tried lớn play with the Win10 edition và it’s even worse because i can’t even see my connection unique on the lobby brower.

I think it’s a modem problem that might be too old because despite the change of pc nothing change…

I’m siông xã of those unfinished games

I had the same problem & I think I found the solution (two players one from Steam, other one from XBox Live).

You need to lớn have exactly the same version (numbers on main screen và you should see the same games in Multiplayer mode). If versions are different you will see different games & can’t join to lớn play together even if you are invited.

How to update - steam does it automatically (or google how lớn vày it) / Xbox Live -> open Microsoft Store và kiểm tra for updates -> clichồng it several times until you see update for Age of Empires - you need to still cliông xã download).

To install game on Windows from Xbox Live you need to lớn update lớn newest version of Windows 10. You don’t have sầu to lớn it when installing from Steam but to join games without problems you anyway need khổng lồ vì chưng it (go lớn windows updated & install all updates).

Mezza062002 February 13, 2020, 3:19pm #8

I have sầu a similar problem. I usually play on my desktop but my RX580 was dead a couple of days so now i am using my Microsoft surface pro 3 for the short term to lớn play AOE2 (Yes very low settings to lớn make it okay to lớn play multi). Anyway i am able lớn get into the multiplayer servers lobby to see which matches lớn play but when i try khổng lồ enter any VPS i get the message " Unable to join game, Error: hệ thống error"

I turned off my firewall and etc and still get this issue. My game is updated.

I am playing through steam which i presume is not an issue.

Can anyone suggest anything that i might have sầu missed?


SoapySmovs February 28, 20trăng tròn, 11:22am #9

Have sầu the same problem lặng xbox live login và got it from MS Store any solution ?

UsuriousCorgi50 February 29, 20đôi mươi, 11:29am #10

is their any solution for this or not??kindly confirm me

Jefrojo5 March 1, 2020, 3:18am #11

same problem here,


FMBenavides April 5, 20đôi mươi, 6:19pm #12

this is because you are playing with different versions. All players must have the same version to lớn play multiplayer. Go the the msft store, on the right upper side there is an arrow pointing down in which are shown all the required updates…

FMBenavides April 5, 2020, 6:21pm #13

The uknown error is because you are playing with different versions. All players must have the same version lớn play multiplayer. Go the the msft store, on the right upper side there is an arrow pointing down in which are shown all the required updates. You can see your current version on the main thực đơn of EOE

RutusTejus April 6, 20trăng tròn, 10:51am #14

I don’t think that is the reason. If I create the game my friends can enter, if another person creates the game I get the error. I have no clue of what is the problem but we already verified the version.

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AlbieBuelow April 7, 2020, 8:03pm #15

My friend & I have sầu the same issue, except we can join public games, but not the ones we create. Since we use the same network, we also tried the LAN server, but it still says “unable to lớn join”


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Sifr89 April 18, 2020, 1:30pm #16

Same problem, in our case we skết thúc invitations to each other but nobody receives them. We can join public games but not the ones we create. Any solution for this? Its really annoying!!

CausticFerret81 April 24, 20đôi mươi, 6:03am #17

Played one time successfully with my 12 year old a handful of nights ago after buying và downloading the AOE DE Bundle.

Next time was a bit of fumble trying to lớn get our comps lớn connect over our lan but we did it. Time after that was worse but eventually it worked. Now it’s just a hair yanking headabịt for the last two hours!

Usually it’s one of several problems:

Problem 1 – Either the lan game I’m hosing shows up on his screen but when he goes to lớn join it takes hyên to another game from somebody toàn thân else on the internet. A lot of times you can see random players in the lobby while selecting what’s supposed to be my game. NEEDS FIXED!

Problem 2 – When we get the game lớn load, he has no control over his own players, villagers etc, until I finally give sầu up & leave after the first few minutes of realizing once again we’re not going to lớn be able to lớn just play & enjoy the game. Usually once I leave sầu he can start controlling them, & yes we’re on our own colors. (I usually choose green and he chooses pink so we’re both bright on the map)

And tonight that’s been the major problem for us. The game loads (finally after getting through the first problem and mess a bunch of times) he can’t control his villagers & get them to do what he wants.

Problem 3 – It just makes the ‘boom’ or ‘tribal drum’ sound effect when he selects my game and clicks ‘join game’ but nothing happens.

Problem 4 – It looks like he’s about khổng lồ join successfully & then gives us the “Unable lớn join: Unknown error” message.

I’ve gone inlớn firewall & have sầu permitted the following ports on both computers just lượt thích this site said to:

TCP 8888

TCPhường. 3478

UDP 3478

TCP.. 5222

UDP 5222

I love sầu this game and was a tín đồ of it baông chồng in the old school days. I love sầu the updates. I love sầu that there’s now 500 pop limit and bigger maps with tons of civs khổng lồ choose from. Unfortunately we can’t just simply play the effing thing and instead have sầu khổng lồ run around online teaching ourselves how to become tech gurus in hopes of getting this ■■■■ thing to work while losing a lot of game time we were looking forward to. (Tonight we couldn’t even get the ■■■■ things khổng lồ work together after a few hours & just gave sầu up & here I am writing this instead of playing with my kid before going baông xã khổng lồ work tomorrow)

To say I am frustrated is an understatement, as each time we’ve sầu played it’s gone from semi-successful, to lớn bad, to frustrating, to lớn worse! I’m sitting here cussing out the game in front of my kid instead of us having fun.

I’d love to give sầu this game a positive sầu Đánh Giá, but with inconsistent problems like this, I’m afraid when asked again I’m only going to lớn be able lớn give it one star and say, “It’d be an amazing game if we could get the ■■■■ thing khổng lồ work for us so we could play with our families at home”.

I’ve paid for two copies of AOE DE Bunble to my two accounts in hopes of playing with our kid. Right now it feels like I just threw $60 down the drain and added lot of wasted time & hair yanking frustration lớn my last few nights this week. It really should not be this G** d****d difficult!

And also, ‘Lan’ needs to lớn be completely separated from Wan too, not just as a drop down option with everything else. Perhaps that’d help clear up the issue of random games from all over the mạng internet coming up but there’s still all kinds of problems when simply trying to lớn play Lan or even Wan.

If I offered people the choice of driving their own cars or riding the bus, I wouldn’t say “Okay anytoàn thân who wants to drive their own cars needs to lớn go sit and wait on the bus before they can get in their car”. They’re two totally different things and they need lớn be separated from the initial selections. In fact we shouldn’t even need lớn be online for ‘multiplayer services’ khổng lồ host our own in-home lan games, let alone having lớn join in the same lobbies khổng lồ go down và select ‘lan’ at the bottom of some drop box. To me that’s just poor game kiến thiết và bad engineering.

Come on guys, don’t make such an amazing game and bring it baông chồng with such incredible upgrades and then drop the ball when it comes khổng lồ the side of getting things to work simply for us. Please, get these exceptionally frustrating issues và bugs taken care of for us. Don’t leave us a game that looks so amazing to lớn play and that we pay for only to lớn not be able to bởi something as simple as hosting a smooth lan game with our families or friends!

The game is amazing. These issues, especially for 2020 when this came out last year is ridiculous!

HI Guys,

hopefully i have a fix for you, i struggled for ages opening ports etc for local LAN và I couldn’t figure out why, came across something random that got me thinking.

Install Direct Play (installed by going to lớn “turn windows features on or off” and expanding legacy components) on all computers. the old game supports it and i think still needs it.

Here when you start the game (if you are on steam version) dont sign inkhổng lồ xbox live as i think it does weird stuff even when playing LAN, then you should be able to lớn create one & play.

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As soon as i created a game, it popped up on my wifes local lan games các mục và connected straight away.

my wife & I played successfully. i did save sầu regularly because a different bug occasionally had my wife disconnect, but only a couple of times in the game that lasted about 2 hours