Discount codes added below, giving you 20% off your first year of service!Over the past few years, Google, Microsoft and even Apple have sầu bene pushing cloud storage as a safe and secure method to lớn store our data online while also allowing for quiông chồng and simple file sharing. Google Drive has been one of the leaders in the space for quite some time, offering không tính phí storage tiers to anyone who has a Google/Gmail account, allowing them to lớn skết thúc large email attachments, store full-resolution photos in Google Photos or simply to lớn bachồng up important files from their smartphones or computers.

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You could simply spover about $100 for an external SSD of build yourself a massive NAS that can store over 50 TB, but online storage is the way of the future.

While having an online cloud storage solution is great, the amount of data that we have sầu is continually growing and the không lấy phí Google Drive is limited to 15GB of storage. Google does offer paid storage options as well, ranging from 100 GB to lớn 30 TB with their personal or family plans, but prices can quickly get out of control once you get past the 2 TB tier.

100 GB plan: $1.99/month200 GB plan: $2.99/month2 TB plan: $9.99/month10 TB plan: $99.99/month20 TB plan: $199.99/month30 TB plan: $299.99/month

The good news is that there’s a secret option that will give you unlimited Google Drive storage that will cost less than the 10 TB Google Drive plan.

Unlimited Google Drive sầu storage option


Most people might think that the $9.99/month option with 2TB of storage is more than enough for all of their data, but with all the photos & videos we capture these days with our smartphones, you can easily burn through 2 TB is a few years, especially if you’re recording 4K or even 8K đoạn Clip.

To get unlimited Google Drive sầu storage, you will need lớn sign up for a G Suite account rather than using a standard Google Account. The Basic G Suite Account which costs $6/month comes with 30GB of storage, but the Business Google Suite Account which costs $12/month gives users 1TB of storage. This is lower than the 2 TB plans for regular Google Accounts, but if you add 6 users to lớn your Business G Suite Account, Google will increase the storage for each user from 1 TB to lớn unlimited.

Unlimited Google Drive storage will cost $60/month with a Business G Suite tài khoản with 5 users, making it$40/month cheaper than the 10 TB basic Google Drive sầu plan, saving you $500/year or $2,500 over the course of 5 years.

But it gets even better! While Google clearly states that Business G Suite accounts come with “Unlimited cloud storage (or 1TB per user if fewer than 5 users)” Google doesn’t seem actively limit storage for accounts that have less than 5 users. We’ve sầu tested this out ourselves và can confirm that you can get unlimited storage with a Business G Suite trương mục with a single user, bringing the total monthly cost of unlimited Google Drive sầu storage for just $12/month!

How lớn get unlimited Google Drive sầu storage with a G Suite account

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Follow the step-by-step instructions khổng lồ phối up your business account & select your domain name (if you don’t already have sầu one)Once you have sầu created your account, visit log into lớn Google Drive using your new accountIn the left column, you should see that there is no storage limit specified under the Storage headingUpload as much data as you want khổng lồ your G Suite Google Drive sầu account

Let us know if you run inlớn any issues or if you know of a different way khổng lồ get unlimited Google Drive sầu storage.

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