Whether you"re a Pontiac V8 purist or simply drawn to the performance division of General Motors" that created a complete line of iconic American automobiles, you"re definitely in the right place. At hoiquanzen.com, we"re dedicated khổng lồ preserving and promoting the heritage of V8-powered Pontiacs of all Mã Sản Phẩm years.

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From recounting personal experiences, lớn researching little known details, khổng lồ sharing the excitement of the Pontiac br& with the next generation of automotive enthusiasts and beyond – here you"ll find all you need lớn satisfy your thirst for all things Pontiac. So, kichồng baông xã, point, clichồng & plan khổng lồ stichồng around awhile as you tour our trang web.

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“Researching Pontiacs is a sincere passion of mine và there hasn’t been a day in my life where I haven’t woke up striving lớn learn more about Pontiacs than the day before.” — Rocky Rotella
blog posts

What"s a hobby without other like-minded enthusiasts lớn cốt truyện it with? These blog posts nói qua a personal collection of Pontiac literature, documents and bulletins, along with personal stories. But they"re just the start. Be sure to lớn make phản hồi & share your own experiences to keep Pontiac excitement alive sầu.

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In 1981 my dad purchased a ‘74 Formula 350 that he used as his daily driver. With fond childhood memories of that particular Firebird, it left me with a soft spot in my heart for 1974 Formulas. I nội dung that story with you.

Sorting out Pontiac’s ‘80-81 Turbo Formula và Turbo Trans Am and its association with the WS6 suspension package. Was or wasn’t it required?! Let’s find out!

The Definitive sầu Firebird and Trans Am Guide 67-69 may no longer be in print but new copies are available via hoiquanzen.com!

While the pandemic has forced many of us to lớn stay trang chính & maintain ample distance in social settings, there may be no safer activity than taking your vintage Pontiac out for a cruise. Have you been finding yourself driving your car(s) more frequently since March?

Many enthusiastic owners take pictures of their new vehicles. Vintage photos lượt thích this captivate me. What piqued my interest even more is the fact that the owner not only took photos of this GTO when it was new, they also took photos of the aftermath.

It"s not often that you get lớn teach your teacher, but that"s what happens when your passion is Pontiacs & you"ve sầu been given a creative sầu writing project for your high school English class. That was decades ago và the rest, as they say, is history. And in this case, there"s lots of it. Now, just find a topic that appeals lớn you & enjoy this chronicle of the many articles I"ve sầu written about Pontiacs.

An inside look at the incredible collection of rare and unique Pontiacs and parts that Lance Kramer has amassed.

An in depth look at Kelsey Tire’s new Goodyear GR70-15 Steel Belted Radial tire. Complete with GM’s corporate tread thiết kế, it’s the perfect fit for any mid-70’s GM hàng hóa.

From Hemmings Muscle Machines- September 2016 issue. Turbocharging helped the Macho T/A soar above the depths of the malaise era. This 1978 Trans Am exemplifies that.

A Polar White "70 1/2 Trans Am With Red Interior Is Reunited With Its Original Engine After 30 Years

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