Need a Free Activity Diagram Tool?

Try Visual Paradigm (VP.. Free Edition. It is a FREE drawing software with tư vấn to UML Activity Diagram & other UML diagrams, ERD & organization chart. You can easily draw Activity Diagram through the simple, intuitive UML editor. As a real không lấy phí drawing tool, there is no ad, no limited period of access và no limitations such as, number of diagrams, number of shapes và etc. You own the diagrams you created for personal và non-commercial purposes.

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Free Activity Diagram Tool

Create as many UML drawing as you need and output them into lớn images. No ad.

No limited number of diagrams và shapesUnlimited accessingNo advertisement

Easy lớn Use

Create UML can be simple và fun. Listed below are some of the editing features of our intuitive sầu Activity Diagram editor:

Drag-to-create shapeWell attached connectors (no separate apart)Include your own shapes in your UML modelHundreds of diagram templates

High Quality Work

Position shapes precisely with alignment guide. Format your Activity Diagram with the array of formatting options we provide: shape & line format, fonts style, RTF shape caption, rotatable shapes, shape alignment & distribution, embed image and URL, etc


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Unlimited period of accessUnlimited number of diagramsUnlimited number of shapesUML Model, ER Model, Organizational Chart, Floor Plan, Business Concept Diagram, ITILCross platform support: Windows, Mac, Linux. Also compatible with all website browsersEasy lớn use: Create và connect shapes with drag and drop. Connectors are always attached khổng lồ shapes & never separate apart.Apply different formatting options (shape và lines, solid & gradient paint), 40+ connector types, RTF caption, font options, shadow effect, etcBuild your own shape library khổng lồ create diagrams with your own shapes.Easily add text, notes, external images, website link khổng lồ diagramPrint and export into different formats (PNG, JPG, SVG, GIF, PDF)Hundreds of start-up diagram examples and diagram templatesSave your drawing in Google DriveVisio drawing và stencil import

But don"t take our word for it

Try it yourself. Just browse the Activity Diagram examples below & cliông xã Open Diagram lớn open and edit. You will see for yourself that it is everything we say it is, or perhaps more.