Summary: Does Google Drive support MP4 playback? How to upload MP4 to lớn Google Drive? How can I play MP4 in Google Drive? You can find desired answers from this post. It prepares you a detailed guideline on how khổng lồ play MP4 files on Google Drive on desktops, Android & iOS devices with its built-in MP4 video player. In this way, you can store Clip files on Google Drive and watch them whenever you like.

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• Offer two display modes: PC Mode and TV Mode

• Provide thực đơn tư vấn for DVD & Blu-ray discs, folders and ISO files

• Play 4K UHD, HEVC videos và 3 chiều truyền thông contents with HDR 10 và HD audio output support

How vày you likeMP4 Google Drive sầu player? How to lớn upload MP4 to lớn Google Drive? How lớn play MP4 in Google Drive? It is known khổng lồ all that Google Drive sầu is a cloud storage service that enables people tostore truyền thông media files in a single tài khoản so as to accesson multiple accounts later. Google Drive offers 15GB of storage per trương mục. With suchmuch storage space, you can store around 10 full HD movies. If you aren’t going lớn store movies then you can also use this 15GB storage to store your personal MP4 videos shot from your Android phone or iPhone. Keeping the MP4 videos in a cloud storage tài khoản lượt thích Google drive sầu has multiple benefits. The first benefit is that it is không tính phí up to lớn 15GB of storage space, secondly you can access those files simultaneously on multiple devices at any time 24x7, & lastly you don’t need to lớn worry about data corruption. Just make sure lớn keep your Google drive sầu tài khoản in a healthy and working state.

What if you have sầu a Google Drive MP4 video player? Google Drive has a built-in MP4 Clip player that works on all devices including computer, Android, iPhone, & máy tính bảng iPad. All you need khổng lồ vì is khổng lồ install the Google Drive phầm mềm on these devices or use the web interface khổng lồ watch & play MP4 in Google Drive sầu. It's a simple video player for Google Drive users who simply want to lớn play MP4 files with basic features.

In this tutorial, we will discusshow khổng lồ play MP4 in Google Drive on devices lượt thích Android, iPhone/ipad tablet, and computer by uploading MP4 to lớn Google Drive sầu.

Table of Contents

1. How khổng lồ Play MP4 in Google Drive sầu on Android

Before playing MP4 in Google Drive sầu, you need lớn know how to lớn upload MP4 lớn Google Drive. With Google Drive sầu tiện ích and an active sầu trương mục, you can achieve your aims via the following tips.

Make sure Google Drive sầu tiện ích is installed on your Android phone.First of all upload an MP4 Clip lớn your Google Drive sầu account so that you can play it.Simply locate the đoạn Clip using a file manager. Long tap on the MP4 video clip và tap Share.Select Google Drive from the menu to lớn upload the MP4 video. By mặc định Wi-Fi will be preferred for uploading but tap Resumein notifications panel lớn use sản phẩm điện thoại data for uploading.The Clip will be uploaded lớn root directory named as My Drive.


Wait for some time till the videos get uploaded khổng lồ your tài khoản.Now tap the search button in the phầm mềm.From the danh sách select Videos.All the uploaded videos will be listed in a single place.Tap on any MP4 video to play it in Google Drive sầu.

If you are an iOS device follower, the above sầu tips might be up right your alley. When Google Drive sầu not playing MP4 on your iOS devices, there is another way out there. Turn lớn the Google Dirve sầu MP4 player via the online browser.

3. How to Play MP4 in Google Drive on a Computer

Google Drive sầu is also available as a standalone ứng dụng for PC. It can also be accessed via the website interface on a computer. So both the ways are similar, it is up khổng lồ you which way you prefer. We will discuss the web interface of Google Drive.

mở cửa the browser on your PC and go lớn drive sầ Here sign in with your Google trương mục.Sign in with your Google trương mục.Now cliông xã Newand then clichồng File upload. Select the MP4 đoạn phim that you want khổng lồ upload.


Now simply click in the tìm kiếm field and select Videofrom the menu. Alternatively you can enter this comm& type:video(without quotes) and hit enter. This will danh mục all the videos in a single place.Double click the MP4 Clip to lớn play it in the Google Drive’s website interface.Clichồng the fullscreen button on the player to watch it in full screen.Also cliông xã the gear icon in the player khổng lồ change the Clip chất lượng.

This is how you can make Google Drive play MP4 on computer, Android, iPhone, & ipad tablet. Uploading MP4 khổng lồ Google Driveis almost the same for all the devices. Once you upload a particular MP4 đoạn phim file to your tài khoản then you can access the same tệp tin on any computer, iPhone, or ipad by logging in the same Google Drive sầu tài khoản on these devices. So you just have sầu to upload the MP4 videos once & you can watch them simultaneously on multiple devices if you use the same Google Drive tài khoản.

4. Play MP4 Files Stored on PC Hard Drive

The Google Drive sầu player can’t play your MP4 files stored on your PC’s hard drive. You first have khổng lồ upload them. If you want to lớn directly play MP4 videos or movies on your PC with full HD or 4K viewing experience then you can use Player 6, the best full-featured 4K đoạn phim player for peak quality playbaông xã. player 6 is an all-in-one truyền thông player for PC và 4K HDTV(via TV mode). It is capable of playing HD, Full HD, 4K Blu-ray, và 3D formats with crystal clear images on the screen. This is the only player for your PC that is HDR10 compatible và designed to lớn work with high-over graphics cards for the ultimate viewing experience. You can learn more about this player by clicking this links – Player 6.

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chú ý that you can play all your truyền thông files with this media player for miễn phí within 30 days.