Reset VNPT Wifi is one of the basic and necessary skills to be able to lớn troubleshoot network problems especially when we forget the login password, so how khổng lồ remix Wifi VNPT? Please refer to the ways to rephối Wifi VNPT below.

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The need lớn change Wifi passwords regularly khổng lồ avoid strangers using the mạng internet temple is something that many people are interested in. However, in case the password has been changed & you no longer rethành viên that password, resetting Wifi and specifically VNPT wifi is the simplest way khổng lồ return the device lớn the original state and recover the password. Login by default. So how khổng lồ perkhung Wifi VNPT rephối like, please take a look at the ways we giới thiệu below.

How lớn remix Wifi VNPT

Note: Resetting Wifi VNPT will erase all your previous settings & the device will be remix lớn factory defaults. Therefore, you can proceed lớn reinstall the device or persize a previous restore if you backed up the settings.

Method 1: Hard reset

To reset Wifi VNPT, first you need khổng lồ make sure the device is plugged in. Use the toothpichồng to press và hold the Remix button (red circle) for about 10 seconds until all the lights are on và off, then release your device and wait for the device khổng lồ reboot. was able lớn log in lớn the device with mặc định credentials.


Note: Depending on each device, the Rephối button will be designed and placed in different positions, such as the baông xã, side or bottom of the device and look for the word Reset with a small button. In this article, we use iGate GW040 device, with other devices like iGate AW300N, Huawei HG 8045A … you can completely vì chưng the same.

Method 2: Reset via device management page.

If you have sầu enough login information khổng lồ the device, you can completely remix Wifi VNPT through the management page.

Step 1: Using any web browser, you access the device management page with the mặc định address is


Access tài khoản information with login information

Username: adminPassword: admin


Username: operatorPassword: oper

Step 2: At the management page interface, click on the công trình Management >Settings >Factory Rephối and cliông xã Restore Default Settings as shown below to lớn remix wifi VNPT.

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* So, with the above two ways khổng lồ rephối wifi VNPT, you can restore the device to lớn its original state & retrieve sầu the mặc định login password. At the same time, also related khổng lồ how khổng lồ configure wifi so that coverage và network tốc độ are faster, readers can find out detailed instructions about Wifi modem location, wifi router so that the most reasonable, increase coverage và wifi tốc độ most easily.