Windows Gadgets remain a powerful addition to any Windows 7 or Vista PC. Here are 25 options that work well on either OS.

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Even though Microsoft withdrew official support for Gadgets on Windows 7, they"re still a great way khổng lồ always have useful information at h&. You can keep tabs on CPU or hard drive sầu performance, launch apps more quickly, bởi unit conversions, see the weather at a glance & more. Because Gadgets take up system resources, you"ll want to be selective about what you download. So comb our menu of the 25 best Windows Gadgets lớn find some options that will appeal khổng lồ you.

Editors" Note: After Microsoft withdrew support for Gadgets, the Windows Gadget gallery was pulled, so it"s difficult lớn find a neat clearing house lớn accredit Gadgets as safe. As a result, it"s best lớn be cautious about where you get Gadgets from. Gadgets are as powerful as they are is because they have deep access to your system. Malicious code in a Gadget can truly wreak havoc.

The App Launcher gadget is a simple tool that functions like a mobile quichồng launch bar that you can drag & drop anywhere on screen. Taông xã on your favorite programs and have them all just a cliông xã away from your desktop.

Stoông xã Meter is a desktop gadget for monitoring up to lớn 6 stocks, mutual funds, indices, or ETFs. By mặc định, the gadget checks every 10 minutes, but you can reduce the check-in time lớn as little as a minute. Price graphs và configurable audio alerts for price thresholds round out the features.

Currency Meter can monitor up lớn 6 of 149 different world currencies, as well as gold, palladium, platinum, và silver. The mặc định kiểm tra time is 10 minutes, which can be dialed down to as little as a minute, và price charts and configurable alerts are also included as features.

A simple desktop stopwatch gadget, this tool allows you khổng lồ start a stopwatch timer, or mix your own configurable countdown timer. It"s not particularly fancy, và doesn"t tư vấn things lượt thích having multiple countdowns or a simultaneous stopwatch and countdown running, but it does the job.

What"s the difference between this Digital Clock gadget và the swarm of fancy visual cloông chồng gadgets out there? A high degree of configurability. Numerous time và date formats,uptime display, a configurable date countdown, up to lớn 5 different alarm slots, & configurable color readouts are amuốn the many features of this neat clock gadget.

The margu-NotebookInfo2 Gadget can display a whole host of information about your computer. In this case, you"ll see your WiFi state, battery power (if applicable), system time (and uptime), calendar, CPU Chip Core activity, RAM usage, and drive state.

The Unit Converter Gadget is just that: a neat little Gadget for converting a vast phối of different units including time, weight, energy, & more, from the practical khổng lồ a downright whimsical. It even comes with a nice spinner dial interface that could work great in a touch environment. If you need a handy Gadget for converting kilopascals to lớn pmê say, or wondered how many kilojoules are in two Big Macs, the Unit Converter Gadget is for you.

Stream Portal is a simple streaming truyền thông viewer Gadget that lets you listen to a host of streamed radio và video broadcasts from the convenience of a desktop Gadget. There are some ads on the viewer pane itself but, all in all, Stream Portal is easy to use and pretty unobtrusive sầu if streaming truyền thông media is your thing.

While Windows 8 no longer supports Gadget functionality, third-party software can still allow you khổng lồ bring your favorite Windows Vista và Windows 7 gadgets into the Windows 8 desktop with the 8Gadget Paông chồng. This pachồng includes a collection of Gadgets as well as the system settings required lớn enable gadgets in Win8.

Of all the weather-based Gadgets out there, WeatherBug takes up the most space but it does so with good reason. The gadget provides complete current and forecasted weather information through understandable visuals. Users can even choose which weather server the Gadget will pull the data from.

As simple as they come, Battery Meter shows detailed information on current battery usage. If you"re mindful about energy consumption, you can also see how many volts of power are being used to lớn charge your PC.

How fast are those disk drives? Find out with Drives Meter, which provides rea-time tốc độ information in terms of data being transferred lớn and from the disk. Features include the tracking of multiple drives at the same time, & a complete remix that brings all info baông xã khổng lồ zero.

Wondering about the speed of your desktop’s Ethernet connection, or the signal strength of the Wi-Fi hotspot you’re connected to? Network Meter presents that & much more without taking up too much of your screen. You can even enlarge this gadget on high-resolution displays, so you can determine your current tải về speed without squinting.

There are tons of CPU info Gadgets out there. Many copies of Vista & 7 even come with one pre-installed. But All CPU Meter stands out because of its support for even the most multifaceted CPU in existence. Even if your PC somehow runs on a 24-core processor, this gadget can tell you how each core is performing, & you can expvà the Gadget at any time for detailed information.

This gadget provides detailed, real-time information on the performance và status of any graphics hardware it detects. Some GPUs aren’t supported, but if you’re running a PC with mainstream hardware, this Gadget will show just how hot your graphics card runs while you dispatch virtual baddies or sculpt objects in 3D.

If you consider your PC to lớn be the center of your own operations center, this Gadget will reinforce that notion. While available hotspots are usually displayed as a danh sách, Xirrus’ nifty little wonder shows them as points on a mini-radar. When vị you connect lớn a Wi-Fi network, the Monitor displays important info such as signal strength & data transfer speeds.

Speed Test is a misnomer of sorts because this gadget isn"t a benchmarking tool. Rather, it lets users keep trachồng of CPU và RAM tốc độ performance in real time without taking up too much space on their screens. Everything, from the appearance of the Gadget itself to the color of each item"s corresponding line graph, is customizable.

Also designed for computers running more than one drive, Drive Activity shows which drives are busy or idle at any given time. Use it lớn determine how much load your PC puts on each drive sầu so you can make the necessary modifications for maximum performance. Think installing programs on one drive sầu and saving documents on another, for instance.

If you just need a simple weather status kiểm tra for a specific location, this Gadget will do. World Weather Orange sort of reminds us of HTC"s weather widget on its Android phones--in a good way. Easy access controls let you change the current thành phố.

This Gadget shows just how frequent earthquakes are through its regularly updated danh mục displaying information on tectonic tremors & aftershocks as they happen. Each entry shows the quake’s magnitude và epicenter. The sheer volume of data should convince even the most nervous doomsday theory subscriber of the relative sầu normalcy of earthquakes.

If you find yourself pasting the same sets of text over and over again, Clipboard Manager will save you a lot of time. All your copied text is organized in a tiny menu. Selecting what should appear when you press Ctrl+V or select Paste in your text editor’s menu is as easy as clicking on a blochồng of text.

Windows Explorer keeps all your files relatively accessible, but The Magic Folder Gadget goes a step further. It lets you define a custom list of folders that you can open with just a click or two, keeping important work files or even your favorite video collection within easy reach from any application.

For those who’ve sầu phối up a remote desktop connection through a Citrix-based connection or any compatible network, this Gadget lets you easily connect lớn & take control of another computer. A history danh sách helps you see where you"ve sầu been and facilitates repeat logins.

Here"s a misnamed desktop Gadget, as System Control A1 doesn"t allow any sort of control over a Windows PC"s operation. However, by providing complete real-time information on system uptime, CPU performance, & memory usage in one compact window, this gadget is still very useful.

The Control System App puts shutdown, sleep, or hibernate và other functions all just a mouse click away from users, allowing for quiông xã, one-clichồng power downs without going through any extra hoops. A loông chồng switch also prevents you from accidentally shutting down.

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