Omar “w33” Aliwi is a Romanian Dota 2 player who became the first person to achieve sầu 8,000 MMR. He’s also become particularly known for his Meepo, Invoker, & Windranger play.

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In his first tournament with Liquid, the team came in second place at the Epicenter Major. But the main storyline was how w33 dominated on Windranger throughout the tournament. In fact, he played so well that he single-handedly caused an uptiông chồng in the hero’s cosmetic prices:

Screengrab via Valve
Screengrab via Valve sầu

The hero’s kit features a long duration skillshot stun, painful line nuke, a defense mechanism that increases movement speed & provides 100 percent physical evasion, và an ultimate that tremendously boosts your physical damage. When played right, Windranger has miễn phí rein over the battlefield, constantly moving in and out of fights while dealing high amounts of hybrid damage. Being caught unaware, however, usually results in a quichồng death.
Showcasing every part of the hero’s skillmix.

Liquid played Windranger as a powerful midlaner due to lớn the hero’s laning prowess & capability khổng lồ solo kill pretty much any nhân vật in the game with minimal items, all while providing unparalleled utility by scouting and assisting skirmishes around the bản đồ.

Without further abởi, here’s a guide on how khổng lồ play like the w33ranger.

“Ooh, now I get to lớn shoot stuff!”: Windranger’s skills

Here’s a brief explanation of each of Windranger’s skills & the priority they should be given.


Shackleshot is a ridiculously long skillshot stun, known mainly for its high skill cap & propensity for players caught by it to lớn shout “HOW DID THAT LATCH???”

It’s a really long duration stun for a non-ultimate, and its potential khổng lồ take out two heroes from the fight is great. It doesn’t bởi any damage, though, và already has a ridiculous two-second stun at level one, so w33 usually picks up a value point at màn chơi four and leaves the skill for last.


Powershot is a high-damage nuke that reduces in damage as it passes through targets và requires suitable finesse to pull off just like its cousin Shackleshot. It has a ridiculous cast range of 2,600, which means you can literally snipe somebody toàn thân from two screens away.

It deals 450 damage at level four, which is further increased khổng lồ 575 with the màn chơi 15 talent. This is your top priority khổng lồ max since it’s your main farming và killing skill in the early levels.

I’ve sầu got you in my sights.

Windrun is what helps you, well, run lượt thích the wind. It gives you additional movement tốc độ, 100 percent physical evasion, and slows down enemies in an area around you, making this an amazing trading & chasing skill.

As your main defensive ability, this gets maxed second.

Focus Fire

Focus Fire is what really allows you to solo kill anytoàn thân in the game. It provides a massive boost of attaông chồng tốc độ lớn one target while reducing your damage. Doesn’t sound like a worthy trade-off? Well, the caveat is that while it reduces your physical damage, it doesn’t reduce tác phẩm proc effects lượt thích Javelin & Monkey King Bar (more on this later in the thắng lợi build section).

Uniquely, you can use this skill lớn attaông chồng while moving, meaning you can constantly keep up with your opponent.

Our recommended skill build is as follows:

Powershot at màn chơi oneSave sầu skill point at level twoSecond point in Powershot, third point in Shackleshot / Windrun, fourth point in the otherMax PowershotPoints in Focus Fire when available at levels six, 12 and 18Max WindrunLevel 10 talent: +3 Mamãng cầu RegenMax ShackleshotLevel 15 talent: +125 Powershot damageLevel trăng tròn talent: Windrun grants invisibilityLevel 25 talent: 30 percent cooldown reduction

Powershot first lets you secure the ranged creep, which is extremely important since it gives you more gold and experience than a melee creep. If possible, harass your enemy at the same time.

W33 always saves a skill point at level two, investing only at level three. Depending on the lane’s kill potential, he’ll pump it into Shackleshot or Windrun. If you’re in doubt, however, Windrun is never a bad choice. It allows you khổng lồ trade hits due to your physical evasion & gives movement tốc độ to boot.

A value point in Shackleshot at cấp độ four sets up gank opportunities since it’s a pretty ridiculous two-second stun at cấp độ one. And since your opponent will constantly be around creep waves & trees in the mid lane, it’s very possible to lớn land the skillshot.

The level 10 talent gives you mamãng cầu regeneration, which is great considering all your skills are very low cooldown và make quite a dent into your mana pool. This allows you khổng lồ spkết thúc less time and money regenerating mamãng cầu.

The màn chơi 15 talent makes your Powershot even more ludicrous. The damage helps you clear waves faster, too. The attachồng range talent isn’t terrible, but considering how easily you catch up to people even without a Scepter, it’s just not really necessary.

The màn chơi 20 talent really opens up your scouting abilities & initiation potential. With two charges and the mana talent, you can literally scoot around the entire maps, invisible the whole time. Shackleshot duration sounds good on paper, but it’s not entirely reliable, while Windrun is always good.

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As if your cooldowns aren’t already short enough, the last talent just blows them wide open. This works for all your active items, too, which is absolutely ridiculous.