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The Command & Conquer series is all about preventing factions from conquering the world. But sometimes it’s difficult to lớn tell which faction is truly evil, và which isn’t.

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Yuri’s Revenge, the expansion paông chồng released for C&C: Red Alert 2, doesn’t make it any easier than other entries in the series.

Yuri, an ex-Soviet figure & his secret army, definitely feel lượt thích the bad guys. But the truth is a little different from first glance…

And if you haven’t had enough of this constant state of warfare, or if you want to lớn come back to lớn Yuri’s Revenge after a long pause, you will definitely want to take a look at this amazing menu of mods.

They expvà the experience considerably with tons of new nội dung and features khổng lồ boot.

10. New War


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Nostalgia is a powerful thing.

The more we move forward, the more we start longing for days long gone. Days when warfare was actually more advanced!

The New War hack grants br& new units và structures that are meant to recreate the feeling và balance of the original Red Alert (arguably one of the better C&C games).

The missions haven’t been changed at all, so you may run inlớn some minor balancing issues. But it’s a low enough price khổng lồ pay lớn finally get rid of those ancient World War II armaments.

9. Yuri’s Revenge Revolution


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Do you hear that call? It’s the Hotline of the revolution, my friends.

The Yuri’s Revenge Revolution hack is more of an expansion to lớn Yuri’s Revenge, rather than a gameplay overhaul, but still an incredible hack nonetheless.

With this we get 60 new units on top of the existing ones, as well as 10 new structures & some graphics enhancements. The best addition, however, is a new AI system that finally makes computer-controlled opponents worthy adversaries.

No more amassing units to lớn win, folks: time to lớn play smart!

8. Mashup


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Maybe you love sầu Yuri’s Revenge, but Tiberian Sun still holds a place in your real-time strategy loving hearth?

You have indeed come khổng lồ the right place.

The C&C Mashup mod is a total conversion gian lận for Yuri’s Revenge that introduces units and features taken from Tiberian Sun, and overhauls them so that they’re balanced enough for Yuri’s Revenge mechanics.

This total conversion is meant for multiplayer only. So you’re out of luck if you’re going for a solo run, but definitely keep this one in the back of your mind for a multiplayer session.

7. War Location: Global Crisis


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With the Commvà & Conquer series featuring so many excellent games, does it really surprise you khổng lồ see a total conversion mod that picks features from these older titles?

War Location: Global Crisis does indeed take some features from C&C Generals: Zero Hour. But it does not ayên ổn to create a sequel to lớn the now-classic game… rather it sets out khổng lồ be more of an expansion.

This means the new additions are fully integrated inkhổng lồ a story that will make all fans of the series pleased with the end results.

6. Apocalypse


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When the Apocalypse finally arrives, you have no choice but to go all out.

And that’s what we get with the Apocalypse hack.

It adds 140 new units, structures, technologies, and SuperWeapons to Yuri’s Revenge, expanding strategic options considerably và giving you the chance khổng lồ completely dominate your opponents in both single-player & multiplayer.

Not a mod for those that seek balanced experiences, that’s for sure.

5. C&C: Reloaded


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Out with the modded factions that are not all that different from one another, and in with those that are as diverse as possible.

A little variety goes a long way in making global domination more exciting, after all.

The C&C: Reloaded mod introduces multiple new factions to Yuri’s Revenge, including the GID và Nod, who all come with some unique traits that make them markedly different from the others.

In case you like forcing your way through the game with brute force, you can piông xã the Soviet Union with their massive sầu army.

Or if you’re in for something like domination with a little bit more of finesse, piông xã the Yuri, và watch your enemies kneel in horror as you unleash those terrible psychic weapons.

4. D-day


Cheông xã Out This Mod

It’s almost scary how most of these Yuri’s Revenge mods focus on bringing units và technology that has no relation to lớn World War II.

This sounds lượt thích a lot of missed opportunities, looking at the D-day thủ thuật.

This gian lận gives us thirteen different playable countries, all coming with different units depending on the chosen timeframe, ranging from pre-war times to post-war times up to lớn 1960.

The final timeframe lets you go all-out with units from all previous times, letting you create the true definitive World War II combat scenario.

3. Red Alert 2: Reborn


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C&C: Yuri’s Revenge is a very old game. So much that it needs more than a new coat of paint lớn feel fresh và relevant again.

The amount of tweaking needed is really daunting, but it wasn’t enough to lớn stop one development team from overhauling the game in the proper way.

Red Alert 2: Reborn is a massive gameplay overhaul that improves everything you’d want. It touches the AI & introduces a lot of new units that can be used in both Skirmish and Multiplayer modes.

In light of the super units introduced in Reborn, the development team also rebalanced all existing units lớn make them as useful as they are in the vanilla game.

No one is getting left behind, folks!

2. Red Resurrection


Cheông xã Out This Mod

Much lượt thích the Reborn gian lận, this Red Resurrection thủ thuật truly aims khổng lồ make the game relevant in today’s gaming landscape. How?

By providing new features and a very dynamic experience to keep you engaged every step of the way.

The main difference with the Reborn hack, outside of the new units, tech trees, and special tư vấn powers, is the inclusion of new missions that are specifically built around these new features.

Better yet, the mod is still receiving support from developers as of this writing. So you can expect even more nội dung khổng lồ be added in the future.

1. Mental Omega


Cheông xã Out This Mod

Mental Omega isn’t just a Yuri’s Revenge gameplay overhaul.

It’s an expansion that almost feels lượt thích a sequel.

Starting as a simple gameplay rebalance thủ thuật, Mental Omega is currently the only gameplay overhaul for Yuri’s Revenge that can be considered as the game’s true sequel.

This is thanks khổng lồ a new campaign for all three vanilla factions, và of a brvà new faction called Foehn Revolt, which is a technologically-advanced faction that allowed the devs to go wild with units.

You wanted the best of both worlds.

And with Mental Omega I’d say you’ve sầu got it.

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