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the 1060 3gb and 6gb is one of the most purchased cards 4 years ago and they are still performing great today with esports titles và AA games. If you can find one for the right price it will definetly compliment you budget rig.

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Bought in nov, 2019. Finally I could paly most of the games in my Steam library: RE Remake, Batman Arkđam mê Knight, RE 2 Remake, The Witcher III GotY... works very well!


Crazy powerful, still handles modern games (as of this writing) at 1080p at high lớn ultra details fluidly.

Very nice GPU, I"m really happy with it. It can run most games & even newer titles on max settings: 75 FPS, 1080p. It"s quiet, It"s cool và I"m really happy I have it.

Earlier this year, I built a PC with a Ryzen 1500X with 16GB of 2400 RAM. At the time, GPUs were at the peak prices. I decided to lớn wait & use my old GT 610 1 GB. I finally caught the GTX 1060 AMP! Edition card on sale for "only" $300. I wanted a thẻ with two fans. I could have got the Asus Dual version, but preferred this card"s look, & I would hope lớn get similar performance from either. I will note that this card does not have any RGB lighting like some cards, which didn"t bother me. The change in performance from the 610 khổng lồ the 1060 has been amazing.The 1060 boosts to lớn 1950 MHz Chip Core, 180 more than advertised, although it usually settles in the 1920s under load. It also gets about 4000 MHz on memory. The old 610 got a score of 53 in the Heaven benchmark, while the 1060 AMP! gets 16đôi mươi at stochồng. I could overclock to lớn over 2000 MHz core & 4600 MHz memory and get 1780 in Heaven (I"ve seen others get better results), but I run at stoông chồng.Obviously, gaming with the 1060 is much better than with the 610. Games I was playing (GTA 4, American Truông xã Simulator, CS:GO, for examples) at low settings in 7đôi mươi resolution & getting 20fps now easily get 60fps at max settings và 1080p resolution.The reason I wanted a thẻ with two fans was in hopes of low temperatures, slower fans, and less noise. I can start hearing the fans on this thẻ when they are over 60%, although it isn"t bad until closer to 70%. The good news is that they rarely get that high because the card stays under 65°C when gaming.Some negatives:- No RGB, so you can"t make it look lượt thích a rainbow if you want. It didn"t bother me, but some folks would miss it.- No back plate, which I think should be on every thẻ now, even if it isn"t decorated. What would it cost? Less than $1? At least the PCB on this thẻ is blaông xã.- The fins at the over are easy to lớn bkết thúc. At some point I apparently put some pressure on them và bent them. They were easy to lớn push baông chồng apart, but that was kind of surprising how soft they are. Hey, maybe a back plate that extended over those fins would have sầu protected them?Conclusions: This thẻ isn"t perfect, but it met my expectations. I gave sầu it all five sầu stars. If you are going lớn be gaming at 1080p, this thẻ should vì fine. If you want to go khổng lồ a higher resolution or play the newest games, and you can spend an extra $150, get a GTX 1070 or 1070 Ti.

Started with an Eđồ họa GTX 950 SC but upgraded to a Zotac GTX 1060 AMP! Edition when they were first launched. The 950 was perfect for what I was using it for but I wanted an tăng cấp when I heard about the new 10 series GPUs. The 1060 has been working flawless & running things great at 1080p60. I don"t play really demanding games so I haven"t really pushed it too hard. It runs quiet tho.

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(Idk why I have a thing for short cards. Was probably because of my old case.)

The 0 RPM người speed while idle is great, after this thẻ I will never go bachồng to lớn an "always on" gpu.